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Window cleaners with over  20 years of experience 

Window Cleaning

When it comes to window cleaning you can count on MCM for professional window cleaning utilising ionic systems technology for a streak free finish. We’ve been a local service provider across Birmingham and the West Midlands for over 20 years. Our vast expanding list of clients include schools and showrooms, office blocks and government buildings. We’re available 7 days a week, around the clock to keep your windows and uPVC frames looking as good as new. All of our window cleaning vans are fitted with the latest *IONIC Systems so that we can offer window cleaning that is quick, hassle-free and guarantees a sparkling result every time.
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A range of access

We clean windows and glass at any height at every angle
  • Scissor lifts 
  •  Abseiler  equipment 
  • Truck mounted access
  • Reach & Wash

Cleaning for all glazing

We have equipment to clean a range of glazed and uPVC including
  •  Conservatory cleaning
  •   Canopy cleaning 
  • All Windows Cleaned
Commercial Windows Industrial Windows

The secret’s in the water

All of our vans are fitted with *IONIC Systems. The water used has undergone thorough filtration making it so pure that no minerals are left.  It’s these mineral deposits that leave water marks on glass. The specially filtered water in the *ICONIC system can be left to dry naturally leaving no streaks or marks behind!
For a better, quicker clean just Reach & Wash.

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Turn up the heat 

Has it been a while since your windows have been cleaned? The Reach & Wash system is perfect for regular window cleaning however if you’re windows are more black than clear then the Thermo Pure System will cut through the dirt with ease. Hot water cleans better and you’ll be amazed by the results when we turn the heat up!
Add some steam to your clean with Thermo Pure.

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Sit back and let our
professional window
cleaners get to work.
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