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You might have a cleaning company for inside but do you have one for outside? If the answer’s no then you need MCM. We’re the complete business to business solution, offering a full range of services to clean, maintain and improve external areas to both commercial and industrial premises. Keeping your grounds and buildings looking the part is important for health and safety, building maintenance as well as the impression that your business gives. Littered carparks, graffiti, moss, mould and dirty brickwork are not going to give a good impression. So for regular outdoor cleans or one off jobs you can rely on MCM with over 20 years of experience to get the job done.

Step in the right direction

Ensure that your pathways are clear with our help. We provide leaf blowing and professional sweeping to collect all leaves and rubbish that may be in your path. For complete path and patio cleaning or car park cleaning opt for our jet washing service which will blast away moss, mildew and any ground in dirt. Thus leaving all your walkways clean and trip hazard clear. 

And what you can’t see

Buildings and grounds maintenance doesn't end there. Cleaning out gutters, drains and gulley cleaning is also very important to prevent flooding and foul smells. We use industry leading equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to your business. We provide a highly responsive service so that if you suddenly discover bad drains or water-clogging issues, the problem can be sorted quickly with a call to MCM. 

Our sweepers

We tailor a service to your requirements from a range of sweepers. From a walk behind sweeper to clean paths and walkways to a large operative driven road sweeper to handle a large car park and industrial premises, we’ve got the sweeper for the job. 
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